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If Hillary Clinton Weren’t a Communist Then They Wouldn’t Have Pushed Her Down in the State Department

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Boo, freakin’, hoo.  Somebody didn’t much like her pinko crap and we in the State Department  are going to call it an “accident”, right people.  How much commie crap can you put up with.  Hell, ever try the diplomatic tour.  It is a good way for some of you to keep from having to live on food stamps.

The thing is that we like to negotiate from a position of hostility and dominance, not some kind of, oh, I guess we all can get along, and The United States will give you what ever you want, bullshit.  If I had been there, and I wasn’t a man, then I would have pushed her down too.  Boo, fucking, hoo, you old dried up cunt.  I guess you are going to start listening when your “staff” has something to say and you won’t wind up with “accidents” like that.

That’s my sweet heart! She is emasculating some liberal, if you didn’t get the gist.  A real firecracker, you know she likes the romp.  Strong Conservative Men like Strong Conservative Women.  Do you think she would have any problem with getting it on after a hard day’s work.

My God, I can hear her now, wondering if we can fit it all.

She wouldn’t have any problem with that skank old hippy.  She could throw her ass straight out on the damn street and let her rotten old box hit every damn marble step on the way out.

That is truly, creamy chocolate with a little added icing on the top.

In an 8 to 1 Ruling, Clarence Thomas Is the Only One on the Court to Stand Up for Our Constitutional Rights to Have Bull Dykes Strip Search Young Nubile Girls

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I know she is a bit chunky now, and I’m not really into ultra young girls, but I bet she was hot when she was 13.  Political correctness has run amok, and a successful guy should be able to grab ass when he wants.  Hell, it isn’t like they were already using it.

Eight damn justices said that it is illegal to make a girl take off her clothes.  Only one said that those damn bull dykes got to check her out.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is hot.  I might not think that if I saw her at 13, but she isn’t 13 any more.  I can see how Justice Thomas was reasoning.  We are looking at a threesome, passive/submissive, dyke pile with a schoolgirl.  It sounds better than a “women in prison” movie.

Clarence Thomas really likes ASS.  I can’t think of any real American that doesn’t.  It is bad when all we have is one person left that stands in the face of those liberal assholes and protests that we can’t do what ever we want.  What the hell ever happened to freedom.

If Washington Hadn’t Prohibited Concealed Carry Then the Train Wreck Wouldn’t Have Happened

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Nothing quite like a drunk train driver.

I know that many of you out there have probably gone home after a few to many, but you guys weren’t driving a train.  In fact, I bet that even in an inebriated state that you could still use your pistol to stop a drunk train driver.  Even if he was just sleepy, nothing wakes  your ass up like a few hundred pissed off commuters packing heat.

To Help with the New Iranian Revolution We Should Sell Them More Guns

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

You know, what would put an end to all this bullshit is if we would just sell the Iranians more guns.  Sure, that Akmad-dino-jad jackass has tanks, but we all know that what makes America great is our Second Amendment Rights.  Try coming into this compound with your tanks, you dumb shits.  Sure, refined uranium can make a bomb if you’ve got freaking Oppenhiemer on your side, but do you know what unrefined uranium can do to a tank in the hands of a redneck.

Reagan had it down well.  We sell cocaine to the trash in this country, use the money to pay off the American gun companies to export to  Iran and Iraq, and use that money to fight the damn Commies in one of them damn Mexican type countries that gives us more cocaine.  It’s damn brilliant.  We get cocaine.  Them America hatin’ bastards are all killing each other here, there, and way over there.

Not to mention, higher oil prices are good for the economy and last I checked them Arabs have got a lot of oil.  If we can keep them destabilized then the price will go up.  I might not have one of those 4O1K things like poor people do, but I got quite a bit of the old Texas Gold in the portfolio.

Won’t be too bad for the gun companies either.

The Way to Stop the Wetbacks from Coming Here Is to Export Our Jobs

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I know that most of us rely on Mexicans for shit like taking care of our kids, cleaning our house, mowing our lawn, and yea, as my wife says, fixing my damn roof.  How da hell you gunna get your roof fixed if you get rid of the Mexicans?  On the other hand, most of our voters hate Mexicans.  I have a plan.

If we outsourced most of our jobs then there wouldn’t be a Mexican problem.  We should consider moving most of our jobs down there, or, at least, to China.  Let them little sons-a-bitches try swimming the Pacific, much larger than the Rio Grandey.  Swim baby swim.  Adios amigos.

Consider this, if we got rid of all of our jackass labor jobs then our poor people would have to go to Mexico to get a damn job or just freaking starve to death.  We could have a clean and decent America the way God intended; that’s why we have the Chinese and the Mexicans.

So you guys are wondering how we are going to keep my sweet sweet Maria and how I am going to fix my roof.  The answer is very simple.  JUST KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT ABOUT IT. It’s not like we are paying her above the table anyway.

Rosa DeLauro Should Be President Instead of That Anti-Agriculture Jackass We Got Now

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

This is my kind of Democrat.  I especially like that HR875 she’s been workin’ on.  Here’s a link to the bill if you want to read the damn 117 pages.

I’m not saying that I like that Socialist Democrat party, and I don’t like that woman hanging around with that Dyke-Ass Pelosi, but I think we got a good thing goin’ here.  The trick is to get what you want regardless of who controls the wheel.  Bring home the bacon baby, DADDY REALLY LIKES IT.

Most people wouldn’t think of this but if we could stop those damn hippies from growing their own food then they would have to spend all that money at the grocery like real Americans do.  Think about what that would do for the freaking economy.

Some people say that these stinky ass bastards grow almost all of their own food.  That has to be a pretty good chunk of change when you figure how many hippies there are.  Why can’t they pull their own weight like the rest of us do.  We already made them implant their damn chickens with micro-chips and made it impossible to sell their crap, so the sons of bitches just started eatin’ vegetables. The idea is that we just make them micro-chip their vegetables.   My stock keeps going down and the damn natives still control easily 18% of the global food market.  I’m thinking that 18% might fix quite a few problems; that’s not a bad return.

Fuck a bunch of hippies!  We need to save Monsanto even if we have to shack  up with dried up old hags once in a while.