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Facebook Is a Bunch of Communists

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I got kicked off in three days for “repeat offenses” and “egregious violations.”  They can’t handle the truth and are as liberal as the rest of the media.  My sister pointed out that they are an extremely large “commune of people that don’t have to pay for the service.”  Most of the people on Facebook are damn Chinese and Russian communists, not to mention that they let the left wing media and the Democrat Party do what ever they want.

They said that I was “promoting myself professionally.”  How damn communist can you get?  They are against capitalism, but they let Democrats promote themselves.  They said that I “misrepresented myself and my affiliations.”  That is because they want Big Brother to be watching my “affiliations.”   They said that I used “obscene, pornographic and sexually explicit photos.”  I “depicted graphic violence.”

These people even had the nerve to say that I “threatened, intimidated, and harassed,” and that I brought ” unwanted attention” and “embarrassment to an individual or group of people.”  Yea, the individual was Chairman Mao, and the group was the bunch of Communists that run that place.

I’ve gotta go.  I feel a little soiled by their gay, commie, cooties.