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The Oil Spill Is Good for the Environment

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Not only is oil safe and good for the environment, but it hardly ever has any problems.  Like Rush Limbaugh said, “Oil is as natural as the ocean water.”  We know that left over oil, and other types of  what liberals call “pollutants” are recycled through what is called an abiogenic process through tectonic activity.  There is no way that oil could form in less than the 6000 years our Earth has been around the way those tree huggers say.  If we don’t spill oil, or pollute every once in a while then our grandchildren won’t have any.  Think of the oil, and other fuels, as investments in our future energy security.  By pumping the oil out, and bringing it to America, that means we will be the most oil rich country in a few generations.

Another good reason to get the oil out of the ground before the Earth makes too much, is because it is really hot in the ground, and the oil might blow up.  The Russians figured this out, and look at how much more oil they have than us.  We can’t just let the oil stay there and build up.  Besides, if you wanted to have an oil spill, doesn’t it make much more sense to have it in the water, where it is a lot harder for it to blow up.