Liberals Hate Michelle Bachmann Because She Gets Freaky in a Conservative Way.


Liberals just can’t stand the idea that a chick as hot as this will screw enough to have 47 kids, and have a career.  They think that everyone should fit their mold, and hang around like a bunch of hippy bull dykes, and bitch about porn all day.  It is hard to remember how to do it, if you have been smokin’ weed all day for the last fifty years.


See, liberals think that only lesbians should get to have sex, and only with lesbians.  That is why they can’t understand why Ms. Bachmann, and Ms. Palin like to get their freak on.  If all you had to screw was stinky old lesbians, that hate men, then why would you want to be a liberal.  Come on over to my side, all you Commies.  Of, course, I don’t really want the competition in that market.  Conservative chicks rock.  They like to screw, they like to take showers, and they shave.

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